Sigma 225 Combination Packing PTFE + Polyamide Fibre Gland Packing

ITEM :- Sigma 225

PRODUCT NAME :- Sigma 225 CombinationPacking PTFE + Polyamide Fibre Gland Packing



APPLICATIONS / USES :- A Special application performance packing made of combination of Pure PTFE fibre with additional polyamide synthetic fibre reinforced in core & all four corners to provide sliding surface and heat dissipation property. The combining benefit of pure PTFE, Polyamide & high temp resistance lubricants gland packing offers longer sealing ability due to excellent dimensional ability.

Product Description : Sigma 225 Combination Packing is specially recommended for NH3 feed pump & valves, Oil & Solvents, caustics, Acids, Alkalies, Dyes, Chemicals Liquid ammonia & carbonate solution under high pressure conditions, waste water treatment plants.

Aggressive organic / inorganic Chemical Rotary and reciprocating plant pumps & valves, oils, corrosive gases, Dyestuffs, synthetic resins,White and black liquor, wood pulp, detergent, hydrocarbons, steam valves, metering pumps, reactors, mixers, autoclave glands, bauxite slurries, bottom ash slurry pumps, mineral handling slurries, tailings pumps and other slurry processing applications.

Service Limits, Application Parameter

Pressure bar
to 300 psi (20 bar) rotary/ centrifugal; to 2000 psi (138 bar) valves
Density g/cm3
Temperature °C
-328 0F (-2000C) to + 5720F(+3000C)
Shaft Speed
to 3000 rpm
PH range

Prime Features

  • Best gland packing for NH3 feed pumps
  • Long maintenance free service life. Minimal shaft wear and leakage
  • Pliable, wear-resistant and dimensionally stable. Rugged and non-toxic
  • Extended service life by up to 400% in harsh environments
  • Six times better heat conduction as against pure PTFE packings at comparatively high speeds

Prime Features

  • Significantly low thermal expansion thus resisting ‘ over expansion’ extrusion under service.
  • Suitable to centrifugal & reciprocating pumps even at high pressure
  • PTFE Graphite fibre at faces enhance low friction for shaft / sleeve safety
  • Excellent in abrasive application. Well proven with aggressive media
  • High penetration & abrasion resistance of polyamide fibers ensure corner safety of packing

Available on demand: Square Section 6 mm sq upto 38 mm sq.sq.

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