SIGMA -- True Value Insulation, Gland Packings, Gaskets and Sealings
With the experience of past four decades in manufacturing of all range of temperature (-300°c to +1350°c etc.),Pressure (upto 150kg/cm²) and chemical (all acids, alkallies, slurries etc.pH 0-14) insulating, gland packings, gaskets and sealing products. We offer total True Value materials to any and all of the industrial maintenance application for all major industries which includes Steel Plants, Chemicals and Processing Industries, Power Generation Plants, Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals units, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas sectors and Original Equipment manufacturers.

Our products are manufactured from the latest tehnology art of machineries with perfect accuracy complying zero or minimum tolerance and utmost preciseness

What we endeavour
We have developed perfect replacement to asbestos products since Asbestos having chemical composition MG3 (Si2O5) (OH4),and since it is hazardous material which causes disease such as asbestosis,bronchogenic,carcinoma,mesothelioma.There is no cure to above said disease. No usage of asbestos is the best & the only prevention.

We have developed perfect replacement to all asbestos industrial products and non asbestos products and offer total solution to any of the insulating, packing and sealing maintenance faced by any & all application parameter at end use.

Total Customer Value is our culture of continuous everyday improvement. SIGMA, New Era Industries continously monitors its progress towards perfection by measuring key performance indicator in all aspects.

We especially custom design and develop the quality material to replace any brand / style material of all national and international company, so as to cut down the maintenance cost of your plant and machineries.

New Era Industries continues to develop next-generation technologies that are changing the way processing industries meet their sealing & insulation requirements. By combining the most innovative products with unparalleled service and environmental commitment, we deliver insulation & sealing solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Continuous investment in research and development, innovative new products, production facilities, customer support and environmental initiatives will assure we retain the confidence of our valued customers.We also develop new special products to meet with your critical service conditions.

Our motto is to provide best international quality products at very competative price.