Water/Waste Water

Once a commodity, fresh water is now recognized as one of the most valuable resources we have on earth. With this renewed focus, water treatment processes and chemicals, along with the associated standards and specifications, have become more highly regulated. Sigma companies offer sealing solutions that help meet these stringent requirements, as well as withstand the strenuous demands of various processes. Sigma seals are designed and manufactured to deliver high performance amid the most extreme waste water management challenges, including erosion and corrosion risks due to thick sludge, chlorinated water and other common industry materials. The high quality of these seals also aids in minimizing water consumption and usage, allowing utilities to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs. Sigma companies offer sealing solutions for virtually every area of waste water management, which not only keeps your entire plant compliant, but also productive. In addition, we have successfully developed innovative sealing solutions for drinking water.
  • PTFE Diaphragms
  • PTFE Packing
  • Premium Rubber
  • Pump Packing
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Valve Packing