Braided Gland Packing
Wire Reinforced graphite packing(High Pressure Valve Packing), the packing made of low-sulphur expanded graphite yarns with corrosion inhibitor, reinforced with Inconel / S.S. wire. ...ReadMore

Packing braided with superior quality PTFE fiber yarn with core of silicon rubber as per size. High elastic rubber core can absorb vibration to control leakage better. ...ReadMore

Acrylic packing with PTFE the packing made of Highest quality Acrylic fiber impregnated with light-colored, special PTFE and inert lubricant during square plaiting operation. It can prevent product contaminated. Low maintenance, easy-to-control, it is not harsh on shafts and stems. ...ReadMore

The Packing made of Kevlar-lined graphite filled PTFE core subsamples line of weaving, oil lubrication. With high mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance, good self-run, low coefficient of friction, high thermal conductivity. ...ReadMore

A universal super performance packing made of PTFE(polytetra fluoro ethylene) Graphite filament yarn reinforced with synthetic fibre gland packing Duplex braided interlock construction to increase dimension stability. ...ReadMore

The packing Made of sintered, highly stretched PTFE multifilament yarns with thoroughly PTFE impregnation. The packing is then re-impregnated with a mix of PTFE mix during plaiting operation. Good resistance to compression and to extrusion, high structural and cross-sectional density. ...ReadMore

A general use all chemical packing made from pure PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) having Duplex Braid construction to increase dimensional stability. ...ReadMore

The packing made of high quality aramid fibers with PTFE-lmpregnation and lubricant additive. Extremely hard wearing. It shows good chemical resistance, high elasticity and very low cold flow. Compare with other kinds of packing, it can resist more severe media and higher pressure. ...ReadMore

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