Asbestos Replacement Products
Made out of synthetic fibers plaited on cover to achieve high density for general steam glands insulation, ...ReadMore

Made out of synthetic & inorganic fibers Blended with PTFE densely lubricated with high inert lubricant and with high grade graphite in core and on surface. ...ReadMore

synthetic & inorganic fibers Blended with PTFE densely lubricated metallic packing. ...ReadMore

A special developed packing for super sealing purpose, Where synthetic fibre yarn blended With PTFE ...ReadMore

Low density soft synthetic fibre filled lagging Rope braided with fibreglass yarn ...ReadMore

Special packing made of synthetic fibre yarn PTFE blended, suitable lubricated & treated with graphite to withstand caustic potash ...ReadMore

A general use all chemical packing made from pure PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) having Duplex Braid construction to increase dimensional stability. ...ReadMore

A Special application performance packing made of combination of Pure PTFE fibre with additional polyamide synthetic fibre reinforced in core & all four corners to provide sliding surface and heat dissipation property. The combining benefit of pure PTFE, Polyamide & high temp resistance lubricants gland packing offers longer sealing ability due to excellent dimensional ability. ...ReadMore

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