In today’s pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness, traceability and adherence to FDA/USP requirements are essential for risk management. As in any medical field, it is imperative that precautions are taken to prevent contamination. Seals critical to the operations can be found at every level of pharmaceutical production. The Sigma family of companies continues to seek out and work with operations and maintenance staff, as well as process engineers to develop sealing solutions in static and dynamic applications common to the pharmaceutical industry, including hygienic pipework, blenders and mixers, fluid bed dryers, valves and pumps. Our dependable, state-of-the-art seals, gaskets, diaphragms and valves meet key market needs with excellent chemical resistance, remarkably long service life and performance that guarantees the integrity and reproducibility of the product.
  • PTFE Diaphragms
  • PTFE Packing
  • Polytop Sets
  • Premium Rubber
  • Pump Packing
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Valve Packing