Oil & Gas

Safety and emissions compliance are essential to hydrocarbon refineries. Sigma Insulation, Sealing & packing offer not only ideal sealing solutions to meet these stringent requirements, but also a number of other products and services that provide the highest level of operational efficiency to result in bottom-line improvement in process yield. Sigma programs for the Oil & Gas industry include solutions for on-site maintenance, turnkey emission monitoring and repair programs, Integrated Pollution Prevention Control reporting, comprehensive plant sealing, specialty projects and low emissions through the use of products. Each solution offers a cost effective approach to meet your requirement for plant operation and maintenance. From simple solutions to critical applications, we meet your sealing needs for today and the future.
  • Carbon Packing
  • Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Flexible Graphite
  • PTFE Gasket
  • Metallic Gasket
  • Graphite Packing
  • Heat Exchanger Gaskets
  • High Temp Gasket
  • Inorganic Fiber Rope
  • PTFE Packing
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Valve Packing