Today’s mining industry faces many difficult challenges. Increasing operating costs, waste water handling, uncertain markets and other factors can be extremely stressful. While proper sealing solutions can’t resolve all of these issues, operators can rest assured that Sigma sealing solutions can increase operational efficiency and profitability through factors such as reduced water consumption, reduced downtime and reduced energy consumption. Sigma sealing products are built for heavy-duty performance and reliability in even the most formidable conditions. They are designed and constructed for superior erosion and corrosion resistance. They are capable of standing up against abrasive materials and extremely high-pressure environments. With the help of unmatched sealing solutions from the Sigma companies, your bottom line is firmly in your control.
  • Carbon Packing
  • Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Flexible Graphite
  • PTFE Gasket
  • Metallic Gasket
  • Graphite Packing
  • Heat Exchanger Gaskets
  • High Temp Gasket
  • Inorganic Fiber Rope
  • PTFE Packing
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Valve Packing
  • PTFE Diaphragms
  • Premium Rubber
  • Pump Packing