Food and Beverage Brewing and Bottling

Many of the challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers can all be placed into two categories – product integrity and safety. Tremendous amounts of effort in the form of process design, safeguards and procedures are expanded in order to keep products inside, and contaminants out. Sealing products from the Sigma companies are designed with exactly that in mind. We manufacture sealing solutions with the specific needs of the food and beverage markets at the forefront. Our food-grade products are built with high-quality, safe materials that are designed to minimize process leakage, protecting products while they’re being made, and also reducing costly repairs and downtime. Featuring exceptional wear resistance, they also withstand extreme temperatures, aggressive materials and vigorous cleaning methods. Our vast product line has the entire packaging process covered, from beverage and food pumps to pipes and fillers.
  • PTFE Diaphragms
  • PTFE Packing
  • Premium Rubber
  • Pump Packing
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Valve Packing