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Pioneer in manufacturing of all range of Temperature (-300°c to +1350°c), Pressure (upto 150kg/cm²) and Chemical (all acids, alkalies, slurries etc) insulating packing & sealing products.

With the experience of past four decades in this vast field of insulation, we offer total solution to any of the packing and sealing problem faced by any industry. Our main motto is to provide best international quality material at very competitive price to our valuable customers, which has been possible only due to our long research and development in this field.

At present we are supplying to all major plants in India viz steel plant, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement industry, power plant etc. and also exporting to major countries. Read More...

Asbestos Industrial Products
Ropes, Lubricated & Graphited Packing, Lagging Rope, Cloth, Tape, Gaskets, Handgloves, Fire Suit Explore...
Asbestos Replacement Products
Ceramic Rope, Fibreglass Rope, PTFE Packing, Asbestos Free Gaskets Explore...
Non Asbestos Products
PTFE Packing, Graphite Packing, PTFE-Graphite Packing Explore...
PTFE Products
Gland Packings, Combination Packing, Ring, Gasket, Seals Explore...
Glassfibre Products
Rope, Cloths, Tapes, Sleeves Explore...
Ceramic Products
Ropes, Packings, Blankets, Ferulles, Boards Explore...
Boiler Gaskets, PTFE Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gasket, Metal Jacketed Gasket Explore...
Braided Gland Packing
Asbestos, PTFE, PTFE-Graphite, Graphite, Aramid, Cotton, Hemp, Acrylic Explore...
Jointing Sheet
Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing Sheet, Non Asbestos Jointing Sheet Explore...
Polyamide Products
Aramid Fibres Combination Packings, Kevlar Cloth, Tapes Explore...
Graphite Products
Expanded Graphite Packings, Rings, Gaskets, Sheets Explore...
Carbon Products
Carbon Packings, Ropes, Bush, Rings Explore...
Fabric Bellows
Expansion Joints straight, corrugated, Round, Rectagular Explore...
Rubber Products
Oil Seal, Cup Seal, Cord, Sheets, Bellows Explore...
Packing Set & Rings
Graphite Rings, Packing ring set Explore...
Other Products
Lead Foil Packing, Bonded Rings, Die Moulded Rings, Manhole, Mudhole, Gaskets, Packing Sleeves Explore...

Our Specialities

Just in Time Delivery
We provide Just in Time Delivery of our products to the customers globally and nationally to improve business return on investment and to keep long term relationship with our valuable customers.
100% Product Testing
Before delivering the product to customers our technicians do all the possible testing on products so that the consumers get benefit for a long term from our company testing.
Customization on Product for our Clients
Our team is capable for making Customize Product as per the client’s requirement at client. We provide utmost satisfaction to our clients with our unique proposition for customized products and services for every need.
Buffer Stock
We always keep Buffer Stock for our clients so that we can in order to support them whenever they are in any uncertain demand for our products.
Product Research Design
We also develop new products with our research & design to meet specified application parameters. Amendments are done to existing in use material to enhance the performance of any product.
Understanding the Needs
We at New Era Industries, Mumbai India work closely with clients closely to understand their needs.
Reasonable Pricing & Reliable Quality
We provide highly competitive pricing with no compromise on quality of products and services to our clients.
Quick Response on Queries & Email
We have dedicated production lines; hence our clients can expect quick response to emails and queries.

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